Hadron Spectrum Collaboration

The Hadron Spectrum Collaboration

The Hadron Spectrum Collaboration (hadspec) makes use of the numerical approach to Quantum Chromodynamics known as lattice QCD to study the spectrum of hadrons. An international collaboration of scientists in Europe, the US and India, we aim to understand how quarks and gluons confine themselves within the strongly interacting mesons and baryons observed in nature.



Dr. Antoni Woss

hadspec member Antoni Woss successfully defended his PhD thesis "The scattering of spinning hadrons from lattice QCD" at DAMTP, Cambridge. Congratulations, Antoni!


Axial meson $b_1$ resonance studied in lattice QCD

PRD 100, 054506 (2019)

A paper describing an axial $b_1$ resonance appearing in $\pi \omega$ scattering has appeared in PRD. This is the first calculation in lattice QCD to observe a resonance in pseudoscalar-vector scattering.


$\pi K$ scattering studied as a function of light quark mass

PRL 123, 042002 (2019)

A paper studying the elastic scattering of a pion and a kaon as a function of the mass of the light quark has appeared in PRL. Properties of the vector resonance $K^*$ are presented, as is a discussion of the less straightforward $S$-wave in which the $\kappa$ resonance may reside.